The Nissan 350z Time Travelling Midship Japanese Sports Car

The “z” has made quite a couple of transition over the years. It has continued to improve and rebrand itself with better features instead of phasing out into a retro relic like every other vehicle from its era. Nissan has decided to take a big leap with the “z” label, placing it on a time loop with every improvement in automotive tech.

The Nissan 350z has an ancestry that dates back to 1970 with the manufacture of the Datsun 240Z which caused quite an uproar in the automotive racing world at that time from 2002-2009. The fifth generation of a long line of Nissan’s Z car labels were out, built with two doors and two sitters. After the Nissan 350Z made its first debut it was overhauled into 350z model in the year 2009.

The z model has had quite a number of success and failures such as the withdrawal of the Nissan 300zx from the U>S market in the year 1996. Nissan had to make a big come back for the z model and this was evident in the production of the 240z the next year. The success of the 240z quickly escalated, so much so that the model was awarded “father of the Z”. This earned much credit to the original manufactures of the 240z design, Yoshihike Matsuo.

After the success of the 240z, many plans were put in place to renovate the z models as this would greatly assist in the recovery of the company. This obviously required a drift from conventional ideas and engine capacity. After some major restructuring the end result was the 350z which featured the VQ36DE engine. The new obsession was fully functional with a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine which an interesting 200bhp and 180lb.ft of torque.

The Nissan 350 layout

This model is made up of a front engine, RWD, two-door, two-seater with its signatory long-hoody and short deck design which is common with the Z model family. It features a six CD-charger and 8-inch base subwoofer. Its glove compartment isn’t the regular type; rather it is built with various storage compartments which are located between the two seats or behind them.

The new Nissan 350z

There is definitely more horse power, if that’s what you care about. The 350z boasts of 287 horse power which is the same as Porsche 911 but cost a few dollars less. It also carries a set forged aluminum 18 inch JNC wheels which gives the vehicle a reasonably light weight which is a great advantage when it comes to navigation and fuel economy and while we are on the fuel economy topic, the z rocks a V6 engine with 3.5 liters, 24 valve and quad cam unit. All these leads to an impressionable 287 horse power at 6200rpm. The Nissan brand, with years of experience in manufacturing and distribution of quality vehicles globally, continues to gain grounds and quite often surprise its fans with that edgy new killer feature and timeless models that keeps car enthusiasts and the automotive community on their toes.

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